What is GM Dexos?

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GM dexos is General Motors' global engine oil specification.

It is the FIRST common engine oil specification across all regions.

There are 2 specifications:
  • Spark ignited engines take Dexos 1
  • Diesel engines take Dexos 2
All 2011 GM vehicles are required to take GM dexos or dexos approved engine oil to maintain their engine warranty. If you are unsure whether your oil is approved to dexos specifications, ask your service provider. Engine oils approved to GM dexos specification will show the dexos symbol on the container.

GM dexos is backward compatible and we do recommend it in 2010 and older vehicles as an improvement to conventional motor oil.

GM is planning for the future. GM dexos is a new generation of oil specification, for a new generation of vehicles. It is a high quality synthetic blend oil.

GM dexos exceeds all current conventional and most synthetic blend oil specifications. It exceeds the ILSAC GF5 specification that went into affect October 1st 2010. Not all GF5 spec oils will meet GM dexos.

GM dexos was designed to provide better fuel economy, reduced emissions, optimized drain intervals, more robust engine protection, better aeration control, better corrosion protection, better oxidation control, and better low temperature pump ability.
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